Any condition. Closing often in as few as 10 days.

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Let us make an all cash offer on your house.

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Need to Sell Your House Fast?

We can help. We buy houses fast and we can get you a cash offer for your home in 24 to 48 hours and we can often close in as few as 10 days.

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My name is Sam, President of SHP Properties, and we buy houses.  We will give you a fast, no-obligation, cash offer for your house!
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“We make the process of selling your house fast — easy,”

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SHP Properties LLC

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You’ll get cash in your hands within a matter of days!

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    Give us a call at 856-209-2585 or fill out our contact form. We’ll collect some information about your house to determine if it meets our buying criteria.

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    If your home meets our buying criteria, we will call to schedule a home visit. During the home visit we will inspect your property to determine an offer price.

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    We'll Offer you Cash for Your House

    Within 24 hours after visiting your property we will present you with a no-obligation all cash offer. If you accept, we can often close in as little as 10 days.

For a more in-depth overview, check out our how it works page.

We buy houses — it’s our specialty!

We specialize in providing real estate solutions for New Jersey and Philadelphia area homeowners when they need it most. Whether you are looking to avoid foreclosure, get out of a rental property, or just need to plain old sell your house quickly, we can help.

Our team has years of experience quickly buying and selling and houses. We are the cash for houses guys and we have the ability to get money in your hand for your house fast.

Don’t wait any longer. Give us a call at 856-209-2585 or contact us online today and let us see what we can do for you.

We’ll Buy Any Condition

We buy houses in NJ and we buy any condition, even ugly houses, and pay cash.

Also, don’t worry about repairing, cleaning, or staging your property when you sell to us!

We’ve been buying houses that are ugly and beat-up for years! We have seen it all before!

Avoid Realtor Fees

Realtors typically charge 6% in New Jersey to sell your house.

If you sell your house directly to us you will not have to pay ANY realtor fees. We will also cover all closing costs as well. The dollar amount offer you will be the dollar amount you get paid at closing!

Pick Your Own Closing Date

You can choose the closing date that works best for you.

And if you need to sell your home quickly, we can often close in as little as 10 days after accepting our offer.

There is no time like right now

Get your free, no-obligation, cash offer today

You’ll Save Over Traditional Real Estate Agents

Unlike real estate agents, we do not charge any fees or commissions when you sell to us.

The typical real estate agent commission in New Jersey is 6% of the sale price of the home and it is paid by the seller. This means that if you were to sell a $200,000 home, you would pay $12,000 in real estate agent commissions alone! And you will still have to pay thousands in closing costs and transfer taxes on top of that. That is a lot of equity value that is being taken from you when you sell with a realtor!

When you sell to us, we’ll pay all closing costs, all transfer taxes, and we do won’t charge you any commissions or hidden fees.

That means if we offer you $200,000 — you’ll most likely get $200,000 in your hand at closing.

When you use a real estate agent, you’ll have to account for the extra fees and commissions, which means you’ll have to sell for more, just to get what you want for the house. With us, you get the offer price that you accepted.

Also: check out our infographic on the 3 ways to save big when selling your house that we posted on our blog!

Request your cash offer today!
Fill out this form below or call us at 856-209-2585 for your free, no-obligation, cash offer!

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How We Compare

Listing on the MLS with a Real Estate Agent Selling directly to us (SHP Properties)
Commissions/Fees Usually 6% of Sales Price — paid by the seller ZERO commissions or fees when selling to directly to us.
Who Pay’s Closing Costs? You usually have to pay your own closing costs, which average around 2%. We will cover all closing costs!
Contingencies (inspection or financing) Yes. In most cases your buyer will require a home inspection AND financing contingency. No contingencies. We buy houses as-is.
Appraisal Needed Yes. Appraisals are often needed to close a sale if the buyer is using a mortgage to purchase the property. No. We buy cash and do not rely on mortgages or appraisals.
Average Days on Market Around 100 days in the Philadelphia Area. This varies heavily on location. Cash Offers within 24-48 hours.
Closing Date Usually 1 to 2 months after accepting an offer. You can pick your own closing date. We can often close in as little as 10 days.
Who Pays for Repairs? It depends, but often the seller will have to cover the cost of repairs. None. We do not expect you to repair or clean the house.


Will you list my house on the MLS?

We are not real estate agents and we will not be listing your house. We are professionals that specialize in buying houses.

We will usually repair and re-sell, or renovate and rent out the houses that we buy.

Are there any fees?

When you sell to us there are no fees. There are no real estate agent fees and we will cover all of you closing costs.

Because of this, the amount of money we offer you for your house will be the exact amount of money that you receive at closing.

Will you pay a fair price for my house?

Most of the houses that we purchase are at a discount to market value. Since we intend on renovating and re-selling your property, we need to be able to purchase the house at a discount in order to turn a profit.

Most of the people that sell to us do so because of how fast we can buy their property. We will not be financing the purchase of your house and will be purchasing cash. Because of this we can often close in as little as 10 days.

Do I have to accept your offer?

All of our offers are NO OBLIGATION. That means that our offers come no-strings attached. You can take it or leave it. It is up to you.

Getting an offer from us is risk-free. So why not give us a call today? (856-209-2585)

View more common questions on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page.

About Us

SHP Properties LLC is a group of real estate solution specialists.  We help homeowners like you out of difficult real estate situations.  Whether your problem is caused by bad tenants, an inherited property, divorce, or a looming foreclosure, we can help!  We buy houses throughout New Jersey and can get you cash quickly in as little as 10 days.  When our prior customers have thought “I need to sell my house fast in NJ”, we have been there to help.

We often help those homeowners that do not have enough time to clean, repair, or stage a house, so that it is ready to be listed on the market.  Or they simply do not want to have to deal with the hassle of hiring an agent or letting loads of prospective buyers trample their houses constantly in hopes of an offer.  If you are looking for a fast an easy way to sell your house with as little hassle as possible, we are your guys!  Just give us a call at 856-209-2585 and we’ll get you a quick, no-obligation, cash offer.

If you need to sell your house fast in NJ then we are your guys.  We will get you a no-obligation cash offer and out of your house quickly.  Our offers are no-obligation and hassle free! Don’t delay, call us today!


Beautiful White Kitchen Renovated by SHP Properties
SHP Properties, which is based in Cherry Hill, NJ, buys and renovates houses all over New Jersey and the Philadelphia area, including North Jersey, South Jersey, the NJ Shore areas, Bucks County, Montgomery County and more.

If you want to get cash fast for your house, contact us today!

More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. Do I have to make any repairs to my home? NEVER!
No! I buy houses “As Is”. No repairs are needed, which saves you money. I will give you a fair offer usually within 24-48 hours. Even if it is tenant occupied or in foreclosure, it doesn’t matter!

Q2. How are you different from listing with a real estate agent?
Simply this: Real Estate agents “list” properties. I buy houses. Real Estate Agents charge you a comission to sell your property with no guarantee that they can sell your home. They can’t even guarantee how much your property will sell for and will require you to fix everything before listing your home. In addition to that, the average sale takes months to close.

Q3. 3. Who pays all of the costs, escrow, title, and such? I will!
I do. When you sell your house to me there are ZERO costs. No repair costs, No Comissions, No Escrow Fees.

4. Do you pay what my home is worth? Yes – I always provide a FAIR offer
Remember there are no real estate commissions, repair costs, holding costs, or stress about the sale of your home. I am a local independent real estate buyer, who is dedicated to making you a fast cash offer that will be beneficial for the both of us. I am committed to providing you the fastest possible stress-free sale.

5. What will you do after you purchase my house?
We are a team of real estate investors that specialize in rehabbing properties to sell for a profit. After buying your house, we will bring out our team of contractors perform a renovation of the house. Once the renovation is complete, we will put the house on the market and attempt to sell it for a profit.

See some of our past projects here !

Remember, we pay CASH for houses! We’ll cover your closing costs, and you won’t have to fix anything! We are New Jersey and Philadelphia We buy houses specialists and we can help!

If you are struggling to pay your mortgage and are in need of Mortgage Assistance, you may want to check out some of the federal programs available from the FHFA or if you are looking to avoid foreclosure, visit HUD.gov for help.

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