Common Costs When Selling a House Infographic

Common Costs of Selling a Home

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There are many expensive costs associated with selling a home. These costs can quickly add up and drastically reduce the amount of money you receive at closing. Knowing what these costs are upfront will help you avoid any unexpected expenses and will also help you plan for potentially minimizing or eliminating some of these costs. We’ve created an infographic to …

Infographic describing three ways to save big when selling your home: 1. Hire a Discount or Low Commission Listing Agent. 2: Hire a Flat-Fee Listing Agent 3. Sell the house as "For Sale By Owner"

3 Ways to Save Big when Selling Your House

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We created a helpful infographic to demonstrate ways to sell your house for cheaper.  The traditional real estate agent fee structure is outdated and way over priced. Many newer companies or alternatives have popped up that cost less and will save you a LOT of money, but still homeowners sell the traditional way and lose thousands of dollars in the process. The top …