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Do you think your house is too ugly to sell?

Think again.

We buy houses in any condition!

That means you won’t have to many ANY repairs or clean anything!

The problem most homeowners run into when trying to sell their ugly houses is that they are often difficult and costly to sell with a real estate agent on the MLS.

Many buyer’s today are looking for houses that are in move-in ready condition. Because of this, “ugly” houses tend to stay on the market for very long periods of time without selling.

Often the only people willing to buy these houses are real estate investors (such as us) who are only looking to buy houses at steep discounts. The problem with selling this way is that you will have to pay real estate commissions and fees on top of an already low offer on home!

Let’s look at an example:
Let’s say you hope to sell your ugly home for $100,000. You hire a real estate agent and list it on the market for $110,000 in the hopes that someone comes in low at your desired price. After a few weeks on the market you may have either no or few offers on the house. And the offers you do have come in low around $80,000.

If you were to accept that offer for $80,000 you would still have to pay commissions, closing costs on the house, and potentially pay for repairs at the buyer’s request.

The commissions alone would be around $5,000 (at 6%) and then you would have to pay transfer taxes, and other closing costs for the home, which we will estimate at around another $2,000.

That means you might only receive $73,000 for the house that you were hoping to sell for $100,000. And that is if you don’t have to pay for any repairs!

Now let’s look at an example of what might happen if you sold directly to us.

When we buy ugly houses, we do so with the intention of renovating the entire house for re-sale or rental. Because of this, we don’t need you to make any repairs to the property! This can save you from many headaches and a ton of frustration that you may encounter when selling your home traditionally.

Often time buyers will ask for repairs or further concessions to the sale price if any material defects during the home inspection period. The cost to make these concessions or repairs can add up very quickly.

There are no real estate commissions or closing costs when you sell your house directly to us!

Using the example above, that means that if we offered you $80,000 for your house, you would actually get $80,000 (minus any mortgages/encumbrances still owed on the house).

We also excel at providing fast offers and fast closings. That means, with us, you can sell your house very quickly, which can save you money on you taxes and mortgage!

Selling on the MLS can take a long time. Many houses sit on the market for months without selling. And even once you accept an offer, it can often take 60 days or more just to get to closing! With us, you can choose your own closing date, and we can close in as little as 10 days.

To sum it all up:
When you sell to us, there are no fees, no commissions, and no closing costs. Our offers are fast and no-obligation. And we can close on your timeline and in as little as 10 days if needed.

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